June 18, 2015   Thursday

I have done three radio interviews so far this month. The first was a two-hour interview with Morgan White Jr. on his clear-channel broadcast that reaches two-thirds of the nation from the east coast. His penetrating questions on so many different issues made it clear that he had thoroughly read my book. He is a delightful and inquisitive man who bills himself as the master of trivia for his radio show, club appearances, and convention meetings. He can speak knowledgeably on almost any subject, but his success really derives from his being a consummate entertainer who keeps his audiences fascinated with interesting concepts as well as facts. Whenever I call to see how he is doing, it always turns into a long conversation, because of our shared interests in American history, especially the Las Vegas casino industry and entertainment in general.

Then came a 90-minute interview with a Midwest radio network. This was followed by a one-hour interview with a syndicated radio show devoted to seniors' interests. They plan to have me back again each of the next two months, because seniors lived through the last of the era that  my book 30 Illegal Years To The Strip is about.