April 10, 2015  Friday

Hello and welcome to my new website blog. Here you will be updated about my historical book writing, publishing and marketing activities. This blog begins with the publication of my new book 30 Illegal Years To The Strip, and it presents my many radio and TV interviews and newspaper and blog reviews

I look forward to your comments and posts as you review my books on the history of organized crime and the Nevada casino industry. I will share your interesting comments with my readers. This should result in some exciting stories and information that will go well beyond what is contained in my books.

I will provide updated posts on a regular basis about my promotion of this book and the writing and  publication of each future book in this historical series. The next book will begin with the thorny political fight that made Nevada the only state to offer legalized casinos, and then it will present the first two decades of the earliest casino's operations and marketing. This book will cover the unique economic periods of the Depression, World War II, and the post-war boom of the 1930s and 1940s. While the early casinos were small, my wife Gladyce, who is my primary editor, finds many of the pioneer owners to be among the most colorful characters in the state's history. It is also the period when organized-crime leaders from several cities began investing in the budding Nevada gambling industry, and the state innovated its gaming control apparatus. Like 30 Illegal Years To The Strip, this next history will be based on strong documented evidence and my exclusive interviews with the many key figures who were involved in the legalization and operation of these casinos, as well as those who led the state's initial gaming control efforts.

Thank you for joining me on my ongoing historical publishing adventure.