April 27, 2015  Monday

Four days ago, I did another Las Vegas radio show. This fast hitting seven-minute interview was broadcast to 71 other stations across the country. Actually we did two seven-minute sequences. One for broadcast on the day of the recording and the second for the following day.

Tonight, I did a two-hour nationwide radio show with host George Knapp on Coast-to-Coast AM. I just finished it at midnight Las Vegas time. It is the country's number one listened to late night radio show. As a longtime Las Vegan, George himself has been investigating for many years the city's more recent casino-related events that I will present in later books in my historical series. He also heads the investigative team for the CBS-TV affiliate in Las Vegas. He is an old-fashioned style professional investigative reporter like the ones who wrote the many newspaper articles that I rely so heavily upon for my detailed information. George knows how to dig deep to find out everything available on an issue, but he reports it with traditional journalistic integrity, so if he does not turn up any explosive or shocking facts, he unabashedly admits there was little if any fire behind the apparent smoke.