May 7, 2015 Thursday

I completed a one-hour podcast interview at the Gamblers Book Store in Las Vegas today. It will go on the air tomorrow for the 200,000 subscribers. Podcast host and former owner Howard Schwartz has been a special friend for several decades. He has also followed the history of the casino industry closely. Gamblers Book Store offers for sale my Nevada casino and organized-crime history books and my casino business books among its large selection of more than 3,000 titles that cover most forms of gambling, the gambling industry, and organized crime. The store's large inventory is listed on www.GamblersBookClub.com.

The store also features my photo with the store owners on its Wall of Fame of key Las Vegas casino executives and famous players. I really like that picture because it is of a twenty-years younger version of me, and it brings back wonderful memories about the late John and Edna Luckman, who created the Gamblers Book Club in their home garage, as a mail-order business. They were literally like family to me during my early casino history researching years. I frequently spent time discussing my most recent research and interview findings with John, as he wrapped books for mailing in their garage. He was a great sounding board for my new findings and concepts. John was a pit floorman at the Tropicana Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, and he arranged interviews for me with the casino's high-roller hosts and the hotel's executives from the department heads up the ladder to the managing owner.