September 10, 2015   Thursday

When true-crime author Dina Di Mambro reviewed my 30 Illegal Years To The Strip on, I reread her book so I could review it and confirmed she earned 5-Stars. My review follows.

Carefully researched and interesting true-crime writing in the glamour of Hollywood!

I really enjoyed True Hollywood Noir: Filmland Mysteries and Murders, because the author handled every element of the presentation extremely well. I am impressed with her depth of research, her coherent organization of the issues, and the clarity of her writing. With each of the dozen murders, she presents a very human view of the lifestyle and character of the victim and the relevant key figures in his or her life. While factually too little evidence was ever discovered in some cases to judge guilt, in the other cases, she draws well-reasoned conclusions based on a strong preponderance of evidence. This all combines to create interesting, first-rate writing. That is why this book established her as my favorite true-crime author.

On a personal note, I was 17-years old when the press reported George Reeves committed suicide. Since Superman was one of my favorite early TV shows, I was very disturbed by this event. It was hard for me to process how a man who had so much going for him would commit suicide. In this book, the author proves Reeves' was murdered and points to the likely suspect. The author's excellent analysis transformed what appeared to be a suicide, which I found unsettling, into a murder that, while sad, is understandable.