February 27, 2024  Tuesday


A new article presents research findings about the impact of interior design on casino players and retail-store shoppers. The first half of the article describes the research in my book Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition. Then, the article explains related studies and conclusions by professors in four different universities.


This article by Mark Dent is entitled “Why You Almost Never See A Clock At The Mall”. It was published today in, which has a large number of subscribers for business and tech news.


I have been working hard on completing my next history book that should be ready for publication by year end.




September 5, 2022  Monday

This evening, I did an hour-interview with Morgan White Jr.'s clear-channel broadcast from Boston that covers the eastern two-thirds of the country. We discussed the leaders of the three largest Prohibition liquor importers, who went on to open high-end illegal casinos fronted by great restaurants and nightclubs across the country, before they built most of the early Las Vegas Strip gambling resorts. We discussed the backgrounds of many of the early Las Vegas Strip resorts owners, and how the U.S. Air Force allowed the first two Las Vegas Strip hotels to be built at the beginning of World War II to house the officers for its new Nellis Air Force Base, which would become the world’s largest. We wrapped up with the story Morgan likes about the career of comedian Joe E. Lewis and how he single-handedly saved New York City's Copacabana from bankruptcy and transformed it into America's most famous nightclub.


September 1, 2022  Thursday

Italian casino journal Gioco News published the attached four-page interview with me in both English and Italian. It is entitled: A player-friendly design. Here are all the secrets to make a casino profitable, revealed by the world-famous gaming consult Bill Friedman. I am most appreciative for this attractive presentation of my information on this subject.

I am finishing the final chapters of my next history book manuscript, and I look forward to its publication a year from now in the fall. I am also busy with my casino consulting business again, now that the pandemic business decline is behind us.