November 14, 2020  Saturday


My website has a new image. The title photo on the main page has pictures of the hoodlums who had such a great impact on the development of the early Las Vegas Strip gambling resorts. The title photo on the subpages contains pictures of Benny Binion and Moe Dalitz, who were two of Las Vegas greatest casino operators.


These two men greatly assisted me in my historical research and casino management career. The subpages title photo shows both of them smiling, which is the way they always were in all the years I knew them. Both had great senses of humor, and neither could talk about serious issues without regularly throwing in really funny lines that would break me up.


The website has been designed, so it will be easy to add information about my upcoming history book on the first page, and detailed information on new subpages that will be devoted to it.


My next history book will be completed by summer, and it should be published by this time next year. When my manuscript enters the production process in the fall, I will start writing a monthly email newsletter to update readers on how it is going, and how I am proceeding on my next historical manuscript.