April 29, 2019   Monday

The “Casino Collectible News” magazine spring edition reviewed “30 Illegal Years to the Strip”. I am very appreciative for the fine review in their very classy and colorful publication. Interestingly, my book is about the men who built most of the Las Vegas Strip resorts that produced so many of the old chips and other casino collectibles that their members trade in.

I am nearing the half way point in my next history of the Nevada casino industry that explores and reveals its fascinating early years up to 1950. I expect to publish it in November next year. When I enter the home stretch, I will begin discussing the many relevant issues, early casinos, and colorful gambling pioneers who laid the groundwork for this industry.

Most of the early casino owners and executives were devoted gamblers themselves, so they understood what their players wanted and expected. Thus, their casinos offered a much more exciting and personalized gambling experience than is found in the megaresort era casinos, which so changed it all since the 1990s.