October 10, 2016   Monday

I did a one-and-a-quarter hour-interview Saturday night with Morgan White Jr. on his clear-channel broadcast that reaches two-thirds of the nation from the east coast. I presented the career of comedian Joe E. Lewis, which is one of show business’ greatest stories, and then we discussed 30 Illegal Years To The Strip, which he highly recommended as a Christmas gift for anyone interested in the history of organized crime or the Las Vegas Strip. We ended with listener questions. Thank you, Morgan!

I just hung up from a half-hour interview with Frankie Boyer in Boston. I described the ambiance of the early Las Vegas Strip resorts and why I was totally enchanted by them from the time I was a child. Then, I explained how I got Boylesque approved for the Silver Slipper on the Strip by Howard Hughes’ Summa Corp Board of Directors. It was amazing to get a female impersonator show accepted by this very proper and straight-laced company. Boylesque went on to be the Strip’s most sold out show for the next eleven years. We then discussed orchestra conductor Arthur Fiedler’s Boston Pops that was based in Boston, and my parents took me to his show in San Francisco every year. It is always great talking with you, Frankie!