February 20, 2016   Saturday

I just finished my third interview with Morgan White Jr. on his clear-channel broadcast from Boston that reaches the eastern two-thirds of the country. We discussed the Godfather movie series, and what each film presented that was true about the New York City gangs and the development of the Las Vegas Strip resorts in the 1940s and 1950s. During the first hour, Morgan fielded the questions; and for the second hour he turned the questioning over to listeners.

Morgan White is very familiar with Las Vegas, because he has vacationed here many times, he loves it, and he has an inquisitive mind. He is very interested in the histories of this town's casinos. Ironically, he developed friendships with five Las Vegas casino executives during his visits, and each of these executives had been important to my historical research and casino-management career. Thus, Morgan and I have spent much time on the phone discussing our common interests and experiences. We have yet to meet face to face, but I consider him a special friend. The next time he visits, we are definitely planning to meet over dinner in a restaurant we both like. Thank you, Morgan, for the great publicity.