December 28, 2015    Monday

I did two radio shows early in the month on December 8 and 9, 2015. One was a half-hour interview with a radio network host based in Salina, Kansas. This is my third time visiting with him over the past nine months.

I followed that up the next morning with a 40-minute interview with a female radio host in Los Angeles. This is my fourth with her. The timing of these two interviews gave me a great opportunity to suggest my book as a holiday gift.

This morning I did a one-hour interview with a Boston radio host. This is my fifth with her, since I did my first radio interview with her about 30 Illegal Years To The Strip on April 10, 2015. I am grateful that these hosts and their listeners have wanted me back so often to discuss my historical research findings. Now I would like to expand this base of radio hosts to reach more potential readers.

I hope each of my followers had an enjoyable holiday season, and I wish each of you a healthy and satisfying new year.